We have been making our pies since the 1930's the same way. Our pie dough is tender, and flaky. Our pies are for everyone - if you're kosher, vegetarian, or vegan, we can make it special for you!

The fruit we use is local. You can only get peach and Blueberry pie in season. The same is true of our sour cherry pie and strawberry rhubarb. All our cream and custard pies are made to order and will only last for 48 hours with refrigeration unless you start eating it. Then it won't last more than an hour.

Our chicken and beef pies are the worlds best comfort food. The chicken pies include poached chicken breast, sweet peppers and mushrooms. The beef pies are made with beef red wine, mushrooms onions and carrots. Both are made with stock from the cooked meat that has been reduced. Our quiche is made with aged swiss cheese, onions sauteed in white wine and butter, heavy cream and eggs.