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Weber's Mustard  $5.00

Weber's Mustard $5.00

Teds Hot Sauce  $5.00

Teds Hot Sauce $5.00

Buffalo Wing Sauce Gift Box  $19.95

Buffalo Wing Sauce Gift Box $19.95

This is THE ONE, folks, that started it all. The one and only original sauce with which to make Buffalo Wings.

This 3-bottle gift pack consists of 1 each, 12 oz. Original, 12 oz. Hotter, and 12 oz. Suicidal Buffalo Wing sauces, packaged in a 4-color gift box with "Story of Anchor Bar Buffalo Chicken Wings" on the back.

There are more places that serve wings than you can shake a drumstick at, and more companies each and every day that claim to be selling Buffalo Wing sauce, but there is no doubt about the fact that Buffalo's Anchor Bar invented Buffalo Wings, and no doubt about the fact that this sauce is the one and only ORIGINAL.

Anchor Bar Chicken wing sauces available in 5 delicious flavors. Simply pour over cooked wings and serve with Bleu cheese.

Medium - This is IT! The sauces that made Buffalo Chicken Wings Famous! A spectacular blend of Cayenne pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, margarine and other secret ingredients. All blended together for a rich, smooth fully prepared sauce. No mixing, no mess, no guess work. You're gonna love it.
Hotter - Twice as hot as the medium recipe, easy to use, clings to wings, a perfect balance of heat and flavor. This recipe can be used straight as any hot cayenne pepper sauce as it does not contain any margarine.
Mild - A blend of select ingredients that deliver a pleasant tamer sauce. With the same great mouth water, finger licking taste. For those who prefer their wings less spicy.
Suicidal - For those who demand the heat level above and beyond, this sauce manages to maintain great flavor and fire. Select ingredients with excellent cling. Look out here comes the heat!
Barbecue recipe - A special blend of select ingredients that delivers a sweet slightly spicy BBQ flavor, in each mouth watering bite. BBQ is also great on Beef, Pork, ribs and chicken. Try it on the grill tonight you will be happy you did.



$3.75 for the 4 oz and $6.00 for 8 oz

Peptaste was born of Helen Miller's fruitful quest for the Perfect Seasoning - distictive, without over- powering foods' real flavors. Mrs. Miller, an Angola, NY gardener, herbalist and gourmet cook, soon became revered for this delicate seasoning, destined to become known as Peptaste, after her family and friends encouraged her to produce and market it.

Try Peptaste in place of table salt; don't be surprised when you discover that you've stopped using your table salt altogether! It's the ultimate seasoning for beef, lamb, pork, poultry and fish

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